Most causes for lawn damage are easily detected. A weed infestation, or drought and other climate phenomena are no mystery. But some causes of lawn-care problems are not immediately visible to the eye. In fact, they may be hidden right under the grass. It may require a little detective work, but you may discover that lawn grubs are the culprit.

Lawn grubs, also known as white grubs or grub worms, are the larvae of various beetles. You won’t spot them right away because they are below the grass nibbling on the roots, but the damage these undercover agents do is very obvious.

Lawn Grubs – Signs and Symptoms

It’s mid-to-late summer and your lawn isn’t looking as nice as it did at the start of the season. How do you know grubs are making a mess of your yard?

  • Spots – Irregular brown or yellow areas appear on your lawn.
  • Soggy ground– These damaged areas may feel soggy or spongy underfoot.
  • Give a tug – Grab some of the damaged grass and tug. Does the lawn peel back like a rug to reveal whitish worm-like creatures?
  • More wildlife – Are you seeing more unwanted animals in your yard lately? It could be that they have discovered your grubs are a tasty food source.
  • Weeds – Are you suddenly noticing more weeds in your yard? It could be due to grub damage. Thin or dead patches of grass give weeds a great place to grow.

Grub Prevention

  • Leave the grass a little longer – Many types of beetles like to lay their eggs in sunny places, and taller grass just won’t do.
  • Milky Spore – An organic way to prevent grubs, this soil-dwelling bacteria kills Japanese beetles before they lay their eggs.
  • Nematodes – The worm-like parasites eat certain bugs. You’ll find nematode-containing products at many hardware, garden, or home stores.
  • Insecticide – The best time to use insecticide is from midsummer to early fall, while they are still young and feeding close to the surface. Be sure to follow the directions on the label carefully. If you are not certain how use insecticide properly and safely, contact a professional.

Lawn grubs often go unnoticed until the damage is significant. To find out more about grubs and how to prevent them, contact Free Spray Lawn Care at [phone].