If your lawn in Ohio turned brown and looks like an eyesore, you'll want to get to the bottom of it so you can help it get back its vibrant green color! Unfortunately, there are different things that can cause your lawn to become brown. One of them is dehydration. Your lawn needs adequate water throughout the year, so not enough of it can be detrimental to its health and appearance! Your brown lawn can also be caused by over-fertilization, as the excessive salt content draws out moisture and gives it that unappealing, lackluster appearance. Lastly, turf diseases like brown patch and dollar spot can lead to the discoloration of your grass. Properly identifying the cause of your brown lawn is essential to ensure you give it the appropriate care it needs to look beautiful again.

Dehydration is a common cause of a brown lawn.

One of the top causes of why you may have a brown lawn is dehydration. Water is a vital resource your grass needs, so providing enough is crucial to maintaining its vibrant green color. Without enough of it, it can dry up and turn brown! The roots will also shrivel up because of the lack of water, affecting your lawn's overall health. To determine if your lawn is indeed dehydrated, here are some signs you can check:

  • Brown, wilting grass blades
  • Cracked soil
  • Lasting imprints on your lawn from stepping on it even long afterward

Check and adjust your watering schedule if your lawn is suffering from dehydration to ensure it receives enough water, especially during the warm summer months!

Your Lawn Can Turn Brown if It's Over-Fertilized

Over-fertilization is another possible culprit behind your brown lawn. Lawn fertilizers contain salt, and over-fertilization means your grass is subjected to excessive salt content and causes fertilizer burn. Fertilizer burn happens when the salt pulls too much moisture from the grass blades and roots, resulting in your lawn turning brown and looking burned. Slow growth is another common sign of over-fertilization. To prevent this from happening, make sure you hire professionals to apply fertilizers. They'll know how much fertilizer your grass needs and when to apply the treatments to encourage healthy growth.

Your brown lawn can be caused by a turf disease.

Your lawn can be brown because of a turf disease. Lawn diseases are one of the last things you'll want to see on your turf because they can affect both its health and appearance. Unfortunately, there are different kinds of turf diseases that can wreak havoc on your lawn, and brown patch is one of the most common ones that can do that.

Brown patch is a lawn disease caused by a fungus. It can affect your lawn when the temperature and humidity are both high and commonly occurs in mid-to-late summer. Circular patches of brown grass are a tell-tale sign that indicates your brown lawn is caused by this disease. Dollar spot is another turf disease that causes dollar coin-sized spots of brown grass to develop. Fortunately, you can invest in effective lawn disease control treatments to eliminate these lawn diseases from your grass!

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