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Core Aeration in & Around Mansfield, Wooster, & Strongsville, OH

We use hydraulic aerators to produce deeper cores and better results.

If your lawn is suffering from compacted soil, its access to nutrients, sunlight, and water is severely limited. This can stunt growth, dry out the grass, and make your lawn susceptible to insects and diseases. Fortunately, we're here to help! Our core aeration service will give the roots of your grass better access to essential resources. Due to the cool-season grass types that we have here in Ohio, our team offers our core aeration service from the beginning of September to the beginning of October. During the service, we'll use a hydraulic aerator to produce deeper cores and gives your soil the best possible access to resources. We also highly recommend overseeding your lawn at this point to fill in any patchy areas!

Our core aeration service is offered to properties in and around Mansfield, OH, including Wooster and Strongsville.

We offer our core aeration service in the fall for optimum results.

Core aerator machine in lawn in Dublin, OH.

The timing of core aeration is essential to ensuring that your lawn receives optimum results from the service. Lawns in Ohio have cool-season grasses that are stronger during the cooler months, which is why we offer our core aeration service in the fall - starting at the beginning of September and ending at the beginning of October. It's important to only aerate your lawn during times of strong grass growth to ensure that you do not stress out the grass too much by removing cores of soil.

We recommend scheduling our core aeration service yearly so your lawn can continue to reap the benefits!

Our Professionals Use Hydraulic Aerators to Produce Better Results

Having been in business since 2000, we continue to sharpen our lawn care tools and learn how to best perform our services. Our core aeration service is no different, which is why our professionals use hydraulic aerators to produce better results. A hydraulic aerator will reach deeper into your soil, allowing even better access to essential resources compared to a walk-behind aerator.

Add overseeding to our core aeration service for a thick, strong lawn.

Kentucky bluegrass growing in lawn after overseed services in Mansfield, OH.

Aerating your lawn opens up your soil's access to not only nutrients but seeds too! The deep holes created from our aeration service provide a prime spot for seeds to fall into, giving them direct contact with the soil. This is extremely beneficial, as it promotes faster root establishment and grass growth. Fortunately, we offer an overseeding service so that you can reap the benefits of this dynamic duo! We offer two different seed blends, both of which grow more durable, greener, and healthier grass:

  • Kentucky bluegrass/ryegrass
  • Turf-type tall fescue

These cool-season grass seeds thrive in the Ohio climate and will establish themselves in the holes created from aeration. In no time, any patchy areas will be full of green grass and your lawn will be more dense and thick. If that's not enough, a thick lawn means fewer chances that weeds will sprout!

You can add a starter fertilizer to our service to maximize the benefits of overseeding!

Set your lawn up for success by scheduling our core aeration service!

As licensed, well-trained experts, your lawn is in good hands! Heavy foot and machine traffic is bound to compact your soil over time, and it's important to give your lawn proper access to resources. You will see tremendous improvement in your lawn from our core aeration service; our precise timing, machinery, and devotion to your satisfaction will exceed the results you expect. We provide our premium services to properties in Mansfield, OH and surrounding areas, including Wooster and Strongsville. Call us today at 419-529-5296 to sign up for our core aeration service and give your lawn what it deserves!