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Our lawn care and pest control services are available to properties in Westerville, OH.

We provide lawn care, lawn insect control, pest control, tree and shrub care, and more.

Westerville, OH is located in Franklin and Delaware counties and is a suburb in the state capital of Columbus. This vibrant community was named America's best suburb in 2013 by Movoto. Westerville has a lot to offer when it comes to the study of liberal arts, with the highly-regarded Otterbein University situated here. There are a number of other popular attractions in Westerville that locals and tourists can visit including the David Myers Art Studio and Gallery, Frank Museum of Art, and more.

At Free Spray Lawn Care, we want lawns in Westerville to be as vibrant as the city's culture. That is why we offer expert lawn care services with lawn insect control, tree and shrub care, and more to achieve that. Our team also provides excellent pest control treatments that target fleas, ticks, chigger mites, and more!

We ensure your grass will grow strong with our top-tier lawn care services.

Crabgrass weed infecting a lawn in Westerville, OH.

It's always nice to see healthy, thriving grass whenever you look out your window. At Free Spray Lawn Care, we are committed to cultivating robust lawns with our top-tier lawn care services. Fertilization and weed control treatments are essential in ensuring your grass will grow strong by providing it with much-needed nutrients and eliminating pesky weeds. If you want to strengthen your lawn and tackle weeds at the same time, our lawn care program will take care of that for you.

Does it seem like your grass is still struggling despite every effort to nourish it? That's nothing we can't handle! Our aeration and overseeding service will reduce soil compaction and bring in thicker and healthier grass growth, so your yard will look nothing short of fantastic. Our lime applications can help rebalance your soil's pH level to improve nutrient uptake.

Tackle the health of your plants while protecting them from diseases and insects with our tree and shrub care program.

Protect Your Lawn From Diseases & Insects

We offer a lawn disease control service to combat common diseases that affect lawns in Westerville, such as rust, snow mold, red thread, and brown patch. Lawn insects are no fun to deal with either, but we can help. Our lawn insect control targets persistent pests to protect your turf from their damage.

Our pest control services won't let pesky creepy crawlers take over your property in Westerville, OH.

Filled tick found on client's leaf on property in Westerville, OH.

There are a variety of pests in Westerville, OH. Some carry diseases that they may transmit to you and your pets through their bites. At Free Spray Lawn Care, we offer perimeter pest control to stop pests from entering your property. We achieve that by targeting our treatments to the outside perimeter of your property, creating a protective barrier of chemicals that keep pests out.

We deal with fleas, ticks, and chiggers differently. Our flea and tick control and our chigger control services involve 6 treatments of liquid insecticide during the months that these pests are most active so that we can target them effectively.

Give us a call today to schedule our lawn care and pest control services.

Our pros at Free Spray Lawn Care have been serving properties in Westerville, OH and throughout the surrounding areas since 2000, which means we have the skills and experience to deliver reliable and outstanding results. We provide lawn care and pest control services to help keep your lawn in great shape. Call us today at 419-529-5296 to schedule.