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Premier Lawn Care & Pest Control Services in Bucyrus, OH

Our services can help heal unhealthy lawns and drive out unwanted pests.

There aren't many places like Bucyrus, OH. This city of about 11,000 residents is located along the Sandusky River in beautiful Crawford County. While Bucyrus is nearly 70 miles north of the state's capital, Columbus, it is recognized as a capital of its own. Thanks to its famous Bratwurst Festival, Bucyrus is known as the Bratwurst Capital of America.

At Free Spray Lawn Care, we are proud to provide premier lawn care and pest control services to property owners in this spectacular city. Our services can help heal unhealthy lawns and drive out unwanted pests. Our service offerings include fertilization, weed control, lime applications, lawn insect control, flea and tick control, and more. If you find yourself in need of any of these services, give us a call at 419-529-5296 to sign up today!

Invest in the health of your grass with our top-tier lawn care services.

Grass with morning dew on the tips of each blade in Bucyrus, OH.

Our team at Free Spray Lawn Care cares about your lawn as much as you do. That's why we are dedicated to providing the best lawn care services on the market to residents in Bucyrus, OH. Our top-tier lawn care services aim to improve the health of your grass so that it can withstand natural stressors such as heat, drought, diseases, and insects without skipping a beat. Our treatments help safeguard your turf while enabling it to look its best.

We offer a comprehensive 7-step lawn care program that includes fertilization and weed control treatments throughout the year. Our fertilizer nourishes your turf, while our weed control eradicates pesky weeds from your property. We also offer aeration and overseeding services that will help take your lawn to new heights. Our core aeration service loosens the compacted soil beneath your turf so that sunlight, water, and nutrients can reach the roots of your grass and fuel healthy growth. Once we aerate your lawn, we spread new grass seeds that will fill in patchy areas of your grass and increase your turf's overall density.

Additionally, our team can wipe out lawn diseases and renew your turf with our lawn disease control treatments, neutralize the acidity of your soil with our lime applications, and protect your plants with our various tree and shrub care services.

We offer a six-treatment tree and shrub fertilization program that provides continual nourishment and protection!

Our pest control treatments defend your property and keep your family safe.

An expert is praying the perimeter of a property with pest control near Bucyrus, OH.

Our team at Free Spray Lawn Care knows how to aid your lawn's health. But that's not all we can do. We also specialize in defending your property and keeping your family safe with our numerous pest control services.

Our team can target pesky critters like ants, spiders, and silverfish with our perimeter pest control treatments, build a barrier against fleas and ticks with our flea and tick control treatments, and ward off disease-carrying mosquitoes with our mosquito control treatments. We are also highly capable of eliminating chiggers and destructive lawn insects like grubs with our preventative treatments. An ounce of prevention now is worth a pound of cure later!

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Don't settle for a brown yard riddled with dead spots and insects. Instead, elevate your lawn with our stellar lawn care and pest control services. We have been helping property owners in Bucyrus, OH, and surrounding areas since 2000 and look forward to serving the community for many years to come. If you have a lawn care or pest control need, call us at 419-529-5296 to sign up today!