Perimeter Pest Control

We get them on the outside BEFORE they can get inside!

Perimeter Pest Control
Free Spray Perimeter Pest Control takes the common sense approach of controlling pests, and the diseases they spread to a new family friendly level, while still protecting the people pets and plants from any ill effects and inconvenience of having to spray inside your home.

The Outside Perimeter
Your yard really is it’s own ecosystem. There are certain insects that aid in fertilizing plants, some that pollinate flowers while other insects are just invasive and destroy much of what they come in contact with. Our certified technicians know the difference in these pests and control those invasive pests while leaving natures friendly insects, to continue to provide natures important work.

The Inside Perimeter
The outside of your home provides thousands of routes for pest to travel, trail, and gain access into your living areas. With today’s advanced technology, a pest control material can be applied around the exterior of the home in combination with simple mechanical exclusion processes like caulking and / or sealing insect access points, further minimizing the insects ability to gain entry into the living areas of your home.

Inside Your Home
The inside of your home should be your inner insect free sanctum. We don’t want annoying or dangerous insects sharing your living area with you. You, the pets and the kids, are all we want living comfortably inside your home year round with a Perimeter Pest Control system.

Start Today for Results Tomorrow
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Perimeter Pest Control $34.95 Per Treatment*

Receive our Perimeter Pest Control for $34.95 Per Treatment with seasonal program of 5 or more treatments.

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