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High-End Lawn Care & Pest Control Services in New Albany, OH

Our services include lawn disease control, aeration, overseeding, lawn insect control, mosquito control, and more.

New Albany, OH, is a stunning city of nearly 11,000 residents. It is in both Franklin County and Licking County, about 15 miles northeast of the state's capital city, Columbus. New Albany has been recognized as the No. 1 suburb in America by Business Insider and is home to top-notch public schools, over 2,000 acres of parkland, and more than 55 miles of walking trails. Altogether, life in New Albany is about as good as it gets.

At Free Spray Lawn Care, we are honored to provide our high-end lawn care and pest control services to local property owners. Our team understands the value New Albany residents place on their outdoor areas and strives daily to surpass even the highest client expectations. Our services include lawn disease control, aeration, overseeding, lawn insect control, mosquito control, and more. If you find yourself in need of any of these services, we are here for you.

We Offer a Variety of Lawn Care Services to Boost Turf Health

A beautiful and healthy thick lawn of grass in the New Albany, OH area.

We provide professional lawn care services that aim to boost the health of your grass. If your grass isn't healthy, then it will not look as beautiful as it could. Healthy grass is thick, verdant, and able to withstand all types of stress from diseases, insects, and challenging weather conditions. Not only does lush turf increase the curb appeal of your property, but it also provides a safer surface for children and pets to use.

Our seven-step lawn care program is a great way to start investing in the health and appearance of your property. It includes fertilization and weed control treatments throughout the year that nourish your grass and wipe out unsightly weeds. If you continually spot crabgrass, wild violet, or ground ivy in your yard, then our weed control treatments can knock those out. We also offer core aeration and overseeding services. When you sign up for our aeration service, we will use a core aerator machine to remove soil plugs, or cores, from your lawn to relieve compaction. Once we aerate your lawn, we can spread new grass seeds on it via our overseeding service to help thicken your turf.

Below is a comprehensive list of our lawn care services.

We offer our core aeration and overseeding services annually in September and October!

Pest Control Services to Fend Off Unwanted Pests

A large mosquito perched vertically on a green leaf near New Albany, OH.

We offer a collection of pest control services to keep unwanted pests away from your property. Pests not only threaten the health of your grass, but they also threaten the safety of your family and pests. Our team can help alleviate that concern and give you peace of mind when we apply our pest control treatments.

One of our top pest control services is our perimeter pest control program. It includes five treatments throughout the year that target common invaders like ants, spiders, earwigs, and silverfish. We also offer a mosquito control program that aims to keep mosquitoes off of your property. Our program features six treatments between April and September so that you're covered during the height of mosquito season.

Here is a comprehensive list of our pest control services:

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If you own a home or business in New Albany, OH, and are in need of excellent lawn care and pest control services, then we are the team for you! We have proudly served area residents for 21 years and take great pride in our work. Let us give your lawn some TLC and protect it from unruly pests. Call us at 419-529-5296 to schedule any of our services today!