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Lawn Care Program in Mansfield, Wooster, Strongsville, OH & Nearby Areas

Our team offers an effective lawn care program that involves well-spaced fertilizer and weed control treatments.

Mansfield, OH lawn being treated with weed control spray.

It takes a lot of work to ensure your lawn is strong and thriving. At Free Spray Lawn Care, we have the right program to strengthen your turf by giving it essential nutrients throughout the year. Our effective lawn care program involves well-spaced fertilizer and weed control treatments from early spring to late fall. Yes, you read that right! We also apply a winterizer treatment, so your lawn can fight off diseases that thrive in the winter and regain its green color quickly in the spring. We offer our lawn care program to properties in Mansfield, Wooster, Strongsville, OH and nearby communities. Call us today at 419-529-5296 to schedule.

Our Lawn Care Program

At Free Spray Lawn Care, our lawn care program involves highly effective and well-spaced fertilizer and weed control applications. By ensuring the proper amount of time elapses between each treatment, your turf can maximize the nutrients and protection from the products. Check out the schedule of our lawn care program below:


Early Spring

We start the year off with a balanced fertilizer in the early spring to promote your lawn's vibrant green color. The balanced fertilizer we apply will not cause excessive growth, so you don't have to worry too much about mowing. Our team will also apply pre-emergent weed control to prevent common weeds such as crabgrass and other grassy weeds from taking over your lawn.


Late Spring

Your grass requires more nutrients in the late spring. We will support your turf by applying another balanced fertilizer that will encourage thicker roots and promote healthy growth, so your turf is prepared for the summer stress. Your lawn will also receive another application of crabgrass and weed control.


Early Summer

Summer heat takes a toll on your grass, and we'd like to see it maintain its deep green hue by applying a slow-release fertilizer rich in iron. A slow-release fertilizer gradually releases nutrients so you can rest easy knowing your grass is receiving nourishment consistently. Our team's meticulous eyes will continue to scout for weeds and spot treat them as necessary. Additionally, we apply a lawn insect treatment at this time to preventatively treat your yard for common pests like chinch bugs.


Late Summer

Our late summer fertilizer is applied to keep your lawn healthy and retain moisture while we handle common summer weeds as needed.


Early Fall

Our early fall fertilizer application will help your lawn recover after a stressful summer, especially now that your grass is requiring heavy feeding. Weeds won't stop in any season, so we will target any cool-season weeds trying to invade your turf.


Late Fall

Your lawn requires preparation before it enters the winter season. We will apply another round of fertilizer in the late fall to encourage deeper root growth so your lawn can survive the freezing temperature of winter and bounce back in the spring.



Snow mold, among other lawn diseases, thrives during winter. Our winterizer treatment will provide your lawn with much-needed nutrients to fight off these diseases and ensure it is the first to green up in the spring.

The common weeds our program targets include crabgrass, wild violets, and ground ivy. Our lawn care program also consists of a nutsedge treatment to specifically target this stubborn plant.

Our team will adjust the program depending on the weather, location, and what your lawn needs.

Call us today to sign up for our lawn care program!

Everybody wants a healthy, green, and vibrant lawn. We can help you achieve that with our lawn care program that focuses on strengthening your turf and helping it maintain its deep green color even during stressful months. Our program also includes weed control treatments to protect your lawn from nutrient-stealing weeds that tarnish your turf's appearance.

We offer our lawn care program to properties in Mansfield, Wooster, Strongsville, OH and nearby areas. Call our pros today at 419-529-5296 to sign up for our lawn care program!