Lawn Care Program

Still looking at weeds other companies left behind? Free Spray Lawn Care’s unique 7 step program includes weed control at every visit so you get a healthier, more weed free lawn, faster.

Our Program

Early Spring
Weed Prevention is key. We apply pre-emergent weed control to stop crabgrass and other grassy weeds before they can start. Your lawn also receives a balanced fertilizer that will bring out your lawns deep green color without causing exclusive growth, Saving you from having to mow to much.

Late Spring
We apply a second application of crabgrass and weed control. We also apply a balanced fertilizer to help thicken the roots of your lawn before the summer heat arrives.

Early Summer
We apply a slow release fertilizer with iron to help your lawn maintain a deep green color threw the hot dry summer months. We continue to scout your lawn for any weeds and insects and treat as needed.

Late Summer
Our late summer fertilization provides the nutrients your lawn needs to stay healthy and hold moisture. We scout for common summer weeds and treat as needed.

Early Fall
As the temperatures begin to cool your lawn needs a heavy feeding to promote root growth and recover. we also treat any cool weather weeds that may be present.

Late Fall
Our late fall fertilization helps maintain good color and root development. Thick deep roots ensure your lawn stays green threw the long dry summer months.

Our winterizer treatment provides the needed nutrients for your lawn to fight off winter diseases like snow mold. This treatment also ensures that your lawn is one of the first to green up in the spring.


$24.95 Lawn Treatment


Receive your First Lawn Treatment for $24.95 with seasonal program of 5 or more treatments.


Our Program Includes

Premium Weed Control
Dealing with tough weeds like ground ivy and clover? We will get them out and keep them out.

Free Insect Control
Our program includes free insect control for lawn damaging insects like chich bugs. Most companies charge extra for this service.

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