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Lawn Care Program

Still looking at weeds other companies left behind? Our unique 7 step program includes weed control at every visit so you get a healthier, more weed free lawn, faster.

Flea and Tick Control

Our Flea & Tick Program provides 4 Applications during the summer months to keep blood feeding and parasitic fleas, ticks, and deer ticks out of your lawn and away from your family.

Tree and Shrub Care

Let Free Spray Lawn Care provide expert care for your valuable trees, shrubs, & groundcover plants.

Perimeter Pest Control

Free Spray Lawn Care knows all about the types of invasive pests that are commonly found throughout the area.


This process is designed to reduce soil compaction, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to get into the root system of the plant. Aerating machines pull plugs from the turf area, creating large pores that will allow moisture and nutrients to move freely through the soil layers.

Grub Prevention

Grubs are the larvae of beetles, and are the most widespread and destructive pests in the Northeastern United States. They damage grass by chewing on the root system, undermining even the healthiest of landscapes.

Lime Application

Liming is the practice of applying an agent to reduce soil acidity and make soil more favorable for turfgrass growth.

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