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Tree & Shrub Fertilization Program in Mansfield, Wooster, Strongsville, & Nearby Areas in Ohio

Our tree and shrub fertilization program consists of 6 visits: one in the spring and fall and four in the summer.

You can keep your plants strong and healthy all year with our routine tree and shrub fertilization program offered to properties in and around Mansfield, Wooster, and Strongsville, OH! We will treat your plants once in the spring and fall and four times in the summer. During each summer visit, we'll inspect your trees and shrubs for any issues like disease or insect infestations and treat them as needed. We use different plant fertilization methods based on their size - large trees and shrubs receive liquid treatments while smaller plants receive a granular treatment. To finish out the year, we highly suggest scheduling a winter protection treatment for your broadleaf evergreen shrubs to help them survive the cold winter weather.

Our Tree & Shrub Fertilization Treatment Schedule

Apple scab tree disease in Mansfield, OH.

At Free Spray Lawn Care, we want to keep your plants healthy and strong year-round. With healthy plants come fewer diseases and insect infestations, better growth, and a strong structure. Our tree and shrub fertilization program consists of 6 scheduled visits that start in the spring and continue until the fall:

  • We visit once in the spring to administer a fertilization treatment. This can help them recover from any winter-related stress.
  • During the summer, we will visit four times to check over and monitor the health of your trees and shrubs. If we find any signs of diseases or insects, we'll treat them. Even if we don't find any problems, we will still apply insect control around the plants for added protection.
  • We will visit once in the fall to administer another fertilization treatment. This supplies your plants with enough nutrients to help them survive the impending winter.

Our experts can treat common plant diseases, including thousand cankers disease and apple scab. We can also handle insects such as Japanese beetles and bagworms.

We use liquid fertilizer treatments for large vegetation and granular treatments for smaller plants.

Granular fertilizer being applied to tree in landscape in Ashland, OH.

Our tree and shrub fertilization program consists of two different treatment methods based on the size of your vegetation. For any large trees and shrubs, we use a liquid fertilizer via soil injections. Injecting liquid fertilizer into the soil will provide a quick release of nutrients to the deepest roots of your plants. For smaller, shallow-rooted trees and shrubs, we use granular fertilizer. Granular fertilizer slowly absorbs into the soil, supplying your plants with nutrients over an extended period of time.

We offer a winter protection treatment as an add-on to our tree and shrub fertilization program.

If you have broadleaf evergreen shrubs on your property, we recommend our winter protection treatment. As an add-on to our tree and shrub fertilization program, this application will help to protect your shrubs from the harsh cold and wind that Ohio winters bring.

Call to Enroll in Our Tree & Shrub Fertilization Program

You want healthy, strong trees and shrubs, and we can give that to you! We have been trusted by our customers for 21 years, and you can rest assured that you will receive optimum results from our tree and shrub fertilization program. Our experts are well-trained and will supply your plants with the nutrients they need to thrive all year! We provide high-quality services to properties in Mansfield, OH and neighboring areas, including Wooster and Strongsville. Call us at 419-529-5296 to schedule our tree and shrub fertilization service!