Fall is almost here, and it's time to schedule the lawn care essentials for your turf in Ohio. It will need three fertilizer applications during the season, one in the early fall and two more in the late fall, to provide the nutrients it needs to build up its strength and health before winter. Aeration is another essential service that you should schedule this fall, as it'll loosen compacted soil so that the roots of your grass have better access to vital resources. The last essential service your lawn needs is overseeding, which involves filling bare and patchy areas with new grass growth to make it thicker and denser.

Your Lawn Will Need Three Fertilizer Applications This Fall

One of the essential lawn care services your lawn will need this fall is fertilization. Fertilizers provide vital nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to bolster your turf's health, strength, and verdancy. You'll want to apply these treatments three times during the season, with the first occurring in early fall. This application will help your grass recover from any summer-related stress by rebuilding its health and promoting root growth.

The following two fertilizer treatments should occur in the late fall. The first late fall application will replenish its nutrients, continue encouraging root development, and help it maintain its green color. Meanwhile, the second one will serve as a winterizer, providing enough nourishment for your lawn to store and use to withstand any winter stress and have the best chance of surviving throughout dormancy.

The late fall winterizer treatment will help your lawn bounce back and green up quicker in the spring!

Aerating Your Lawn This Fall Will Help It Better Access Essential Resources

Another essential lawn care service your lawn needs this fall is aeration. Aeration is the process of mechanically pulling up plugs of soil, which creates holes in the ground to loosen compaction and help nutrients and resources like sunlight, oxygen, and water reach the roots of your grass more easily. Fall is the best time to schedule this service because your lawn will have cooler temperatures and ideal conditions to withstand the process. It's also beneficial to do it during the fall since it'll have improved access to everything it needs, meaning it can build up its health and strength in preparation for winter.

Overseeding in the Fall Will Fill In Patchy Areas on Your Lawn to Increase Its Density

The last essential lawn care service for the fall is overseeding, which should be done following aeration. Overseeding involves spreading seeds across your lawn to fill bare and patchy areas with new grass growth. As a result, it'll increase its overall density, making it more beautiful and strengthening its defenses against stressors. It's best to do this in the fall because the cool-season seeds will thrive in the cooler weather and have better chances of germinating, setting up your lawn with everything it needs to withstand any stress during the winter.

Additionally, following aeration with overseeding will yield even better results, as the holes created provide the perfect spot for the seeds to fall into and get excellent contact with the soil; this gives them conditions ideal for successful germination and establishment. They'll also have extra protection from the wind, rain, and critters so that more will develop and grow into new grass.

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