Summer is here! Although we love the lazy hazy days of summer, homeowners hate how the heat affects the appearance of their yard. Now is the time to lend your lawn some extra love. Here’s how to reduce summertime lawn stress, and keep it green and healthy for warm-weather fun in the sun.

Signs of Summertime Lawn Stress

Excessive heat, scorching sun, and drought conditions leave their mark on even the toughest turfs. Summertime lawn stress appears as brown or matted grass, wilted blades, and bare spots. Even the increased foot traffic during a backyard barbecue or a game of tag gives grass a pounding. This is only the beginning. Once the turf takes a turn for the worse, it becomes an easy target for invasive weeds, destructive pests, and dangerous diseases. But don’t despair, a little extra care helps grass fend off its foes.

Beat the Heat with These Tips

Follow these tips to stop summertime lawn stress from curtailing your home’s curb appeal.

  • Clear the clutter. Keep heavy outdoor furniture on the deck or patio so it won’t flatten and damage grass. If you put out chairs or toys for a day outside, remove them before you head back inside.
  • Doggie dos and don’ts. When pets do their business on the lawn, hose down the area immediately to dilute urine’s damaging effects. Better yet, train doggies to do their business in a designated area that has gravel or no grass.
  • Water wisely. Less frequent but deeper waterings help keep lawns healthy in the heat. The best time to water the grass is early in the morning. This way the sun’s heat won’t evaporate the moisture before the soil is able to absorb it.
  • Keep your lawn a cut above the rest. Set your mower’s blade higher during the summer months. Leaving grass a little longer better shields the soil from the sun’s harsh rays, allowing it to maintain moisture as well. The blade should be sharpened each season to ensure a clean cut.

We’re Here to Help

Summer fun feels much better when you don’t have to worry about what’s ailing your lawn. At Free Spray Lawn Care, we offer specialized programs to prevent summertime lawn stress. Call us at [phone]. We’ll do the dirty work so you can enjoy the warm weather and green grass.