All homeowners know that taking care of a healthy lawn can cost a pretty penny alone; when your lawn does not have what it needs to be healthy and lush, it can be even more expensive. Winterizer treatments are one of the things that you can utilize to keep your lawn in top shape and to avoid expensive issues such as lawn disease. Winterizer will replenish your grass with crucial nutrients and strengthen it to survive those harsh Ohio winters. If you are interested in avoiding the headache and money it takes to nurse your lawn back to health after the winter season, schedule a winterization service!

Winterizer will help protect your lawn from diseases.

If your lawn isn't cared for properly, it can become susceptible to lawn diseases. This is especially true during the winter season as the harsh weather can really take a toll on your turf while it's in a dormant state. That's because when your grass is dormant, it consumes stored nutrients to get it through the winter. However, if your lawn doesn't have a sufficient supply of nutrients when winter hits, it will become weak and become a target for lawn diseases such as snow mold, brown patch, red thread, and rust. These diseases can kill large portions of your turf and make it quite the eyesore as well.

By scheduling a winterizer treatment, you will give your grass all of the nutrients that it will need to make it through the winter season. If you don't schedule a winterizer treatment before winter, it may cost you money in the long run since you will have to schedule other lawn care services to repair any damage caused by a lawn disease.

Winterizer treatments should be applied in late fall to prepare your lawn for the winter season.

Winterizer gives your grass the nutrients that it needs to survive the winter.

Winterizer provides your lawn with nutrients such as potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorous, which are crucial for a strong, healthy lawn. Your grass will then store these nutrients, allowing it to carry through the winter. But helping your grass survive the winter season isn't all that winterizer does. It also will help your turf "green up" when spring rolls around. In fact, lawns that receive a winterizer treatment in the fall bounce back much quicker in the spring than lawns that skipped the treatment. You will certainly get your money's worth by choosing to winterize in the fall since you won't have to spend money helping your lawn "green up" in the spring.

Winterizing will help your lawn survive harsh Ohio winters.

Between the below-freezing temperatures, snow salts, and heavy snowfall, the harsh winters in Mansfield, OH can do great harm to your grass and actually kill it. You will not even realize the damage the rough weather conditions have done to your turf until the snow melts in the spring and your grass does not green up again. This is why a winterizer treatment is so important. It will provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to survive the harsh winter weather. While a winterizer treatment does cost money, it will cost you even more money to nurse your damaged lawn back to health.

Call your local lawn care professionals about winterizing today!

There are countless benefits to winterizing your lawn this fall. From preventing fungal diseases such as brown patch and pythium blight to replenishing the essential nutrients in your turf, winterizing is the way to go. Our professional lawn care team at Free Spray Lawn Care can help your lawn survive another rough Ohio winter season by providing you with our winterizing treatment. We happily serve any lawn in the Mansfield, Wooster, and Strongsville areas. Call us at 419-529-5296 for a price estimate today!