You may have grub worms in your lawn and not know it. These grass-eating pests go virtually unnoticed underground until it’s too late. Here’s why you need to worry about greedy grubs.

Why Worry About Grub Worms?

Not really worms at all, grubs go by a variety of names like lawn grub, white grub, and my favorite, grub worm. They are beetle larvae. Female beetles lay eggs early in summer. Once hatched, the larvae burrow underground to feed. Unlike the beneficial earthworm that has a healthy impact on turf, grubs destroy grass by devouring the roots underground, eventually killing the green lawn above.

Visible Signs and Symptoms

While you don’t see grub worms as you glance at the grass, you see signs that tell you of their presence. Look for thinning grass, slower growth, yellow or browning patches, and a sudden influx of predators, like moles, that find these little devils delicious.

But the most tell-tale sign of grub worms is the greedy little creatures themselves. Pull back a patch of damaged grass to find the plump little pests. (The turf peels back easily, like a rug, if the underground grubs are destroying the roots.)

White in color with brownish heads, grubs are small fat creatures with six legs. They curl up into a “C” shape when disturbed or revealed by a pulled back piece of turf. If, in fact, it is an infestation, expect to see more than two or three pests per square foot.

Getting a Grip on Grubs

There are several methods on the market for dealing with these destructive pests. Plenty of pesticide options are available at your local garden center. For a more natural approach, try milky spore disease powder to sprinkle on an infested lawn. This safe fungus kills grubs by devouring them. Beneficial nematodes are also available at the garden center. These microscopic parasites eat grub larvae.

Is your lawn healthy and well-maintained? It may then be strong enough to fend off a few hungry pests. But an infestation of grub worms does serious damage to the lawn on which you’ve worked hard to keep beautiful. Infestations require immediate attention. And because grub damage is similar in appearance to other pest infestations and lawn diseases, get a professional to properly diagnose it.

Don’t let these underground grub worms get greedy in your yard. Call Free Spray Lawn Care today at [phone]. We’ll find out what’s ailing your lawn and fix it.