If you are a fan of four-legged friends, chances are you’re going to have to deal with fleas at some point. These tiny parasites nourish themselves with blood from animals, and sometimes humans, to survive and they often choose your pets for their feeding frenzies. Minute in size, they hide well in fur and can often go unnoticed for a while. Whether they are in your home, yard, or on your pet, fleas are difficult to destroy. Chemicals that are used to do so can be dangerous if used incorrectly. But there are plenty of ways to naturally get rid of fleas – and they are budget friendly, too!

Home Remedies

If you’ve found fleas around the house, but don’t want to use harsh chemicals on your pet or in your home, here are some gentler – and affordable – ways to fight fleas.

  1. Dishwashing soap can be used not only to wash your dog, but also to create traps around the home. Fill shallow bowls or plates with soapy water and put a candle in the center or nearby. Place the dishes around the house – fleas come to the light and land in the water, but the detergent makes it hard for them to jump back out.Don’t waste time or money with expensive chemical shampoos to wash fleas off of your pet. Give your dog a bath using dish detergent and the fleas should come right off. Make sure to start with the neck, because these pests will jump to a pet’s head to avoid the dish soap.
  2. Borax, salt, or baking soda. These common household ingredients help kill fleas, especially in carpets or upholstery. These products kill fleas, and better yet, dry out the eggs so that you won’t have to fight the battle again when they hatch. Remove items from the floor or furniture and vacuum carpets and upholstery. Using a shaker container, sprinkle one of these products heavily all over, using a brush to work it into the furniture fabric and a broom to get it deep into the carpet. Wait a day or two, and then thoroughly vacuum again. Each time you repeat the vacuuming process, seal up the vacuum bag in a plastic trash bag and dispose of it outdoors immediately.
  3. Make your own natural flea collar using essential oils like citronella, lavender, or eucalyptus. Regularly add a few drops of the oil to your dog’s collar or to a handkerchief that you can place around his neck.
  4. Set up dehumidifiers in an infested room. Fleas need humidity to survive, and by decreasing the levels in the air for a couple of days, you’ll create a deadly environment for them as well as their eggs and larvae. Afterwards, vacuum thoroughly.

Naturally Get Rid of Fleas in the Yard

  1. Nematodes. Harmless to people, pets, and plants, these tiny beneficial worms come in a spray form. Once applied they will feed on larvae (flea and other insects as well).
  2. Cedar wood chips. Fleas dislike the smell of cedar. Use the wood chips in with your mulch or create a border around the yard and you’ll keep pests away.
  3. The pennyroyal plant (Mentha pulegium) is another natural repellent for fleas, as well as other insects. But only use these plants in areas where pets don’t have access. Eating pennyroyal can prove toxic for cats and dogs, so if your pet likes to nibble in the yard this may not be a good solution.
  4. Flooding your yard washes away fleas and their eggs. If your yard is infested, give it a heavy soaking with the hose.

Stay Flea Free

Now that you are flea free, you’ll want to stay that way. Keeping your home and yard clean and clutter-free always helps.

Vacuum regularly inside your home. Treat your pet’s bedding, and yours if necessary, by washing it. Run it through the dryer on high heat for at least 20 minutes. This should kill fleas, larvae, and eggs.

Outside, rid your yard of leaf piles, broken plant pots, and old outdoor furniture. Pests have less places to hide and lay eggs. Next, mow the lawn, prune, and weed–fleas like moist, shady areas and a neat yard gets more sunlight.

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