The summer heat is here and it’s time for us to soak up the sun and fun. But before we do, let’s talk about the lawn and what it needs to soak up. How do you know if your grass gets enough to drink to keep it green and growing during the drier months? Follow this guide to take the guesswork out of summer lawn watering.

How Often?

The rule of thumb for summer lawn watering is to irrigate less frequently for longer periods of time. This allows the grass to grow longer and stronger roots. If you water more often and for shorter periods of time, it encourages shorter root systems. In summary, don’t water daily, rather, water two or three times a week if there has not been a significant amount of rain.

How Much Is Enough?

Whether you provide it or Mother Nature does, most grass requires 1” to 1-1/2“ of water each week. But first, consider the soil type. Clay soil needs less water than sandy soil. To determine if your sprinkler system provides the right amount, place an empty can in the grass and measure the amount that’s accumulated after watering. Always factor in the amount of rainfall.

The Right Time for Summer Lawn Watering

Believe it or not, there’s a right time and a wrong time for summer lawn watering. The worst time to water is in the afternoon, when the sun’s heat is the strongest. Most moisture evaporates in the heat before reaching the roots of grass down deep in the soil. And nighttime irrigation presents a problem as well. Cooler temperatures and lack of sun cause water to remain on the grass all night. These conditions create a great environment for fungus and other lawn diseases. For most efficient results, water in the morning before 10:00 am.

Want Help with Summer Lawn Watering?

Summer lawn watering is not so simple. Too little or too much of a soaking harms the grass. And many factors affect irrigation. Where you live, type of grass, type of soil, and whether or not it’s a new lawn must be considered. Contact a lawn-care expert if you have any questions about irrigating your lawn or lack the time for a proper watering routine. Call Free Spray Lawn Care today at [phone].