In this part of the country, winter is that special time of year for us to head indoors and get warm and cozy. Unfortunately, we aren’t the ones with that idea when temperatures drop. Pests such as earwigs, ladybugs, spiders, and mice will happily enter your home through the tiniest cracks and stay the whole winter through, if you let them. Here’s how to stay one step ahead of these unwelcome tenants and keep pests out in winter. Trust us: it’s much easier than trying to get rid of them later on.

1. Seal up the perimeter and entry points.

A mouse can squeeze through a hole the width of a pencil (about 1/4 inch diameter). Look for any and all openings to the outside of your house and seal them. Use a tube of low-VOC silicone caulk to seal up holes in the walls and around pipes or cable wires that leave or enter your home. Stuff a bit of steel wool into larger holes, or cover them with wire mesh, before closing them up. Repair cracked doors and windows, and tighten loose door jams. One bonus of all this work: In repairing these pest entry points, you’ll also take care of tiny air leaks and make your home more energy efficient this winter.

2. Keep your kitchen and corners clean.

If you’ve got boxes lying around, indoor plant containers, or hard-to-reach corners, make sure you clean them all out when the weather starts to get cold. Remove any spiders and insect eggs you may find. Pests love to hang out in nice, dark hiding spots. Vacuum thoroughly at least once a week. Regularly clean your kitchen, take out garbage, put away pet food, and make sure dry food such as cereal and grain is kept in sealed, sturdy plastic or glass containers. These measures will help ensure that mice and ants aren’t coming in for an all-you-can-eat buffet.

3. Inspect your attic to keep pests out in winter.

Check your attic thoroughly for larger pests before sealing it up this season. That way, that stowaway squirrel won’t become trapped and die. After you’re sure that no varmints have found a way in, seal up all possible entry points. For chimney openings and vents, cover the entry with hardware cloth, then screw or staple it into place.

4. Store firewood carefully.

Termites, stink bugs, and other bugs can take an easy, quick trip into your home this winter, just by riding on a log of wood. Keep them away by storing wood at least 20 feet from your house. Store wood off the ground on a raised, plastic platform. And if you keep firewood outside all year long, cover it with a tarp or sheet of plastic to keep the wood too warm for insects.

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