Is man’s best friend making a mess of your yard? Brown or burnt spots in your grass are not only unappealing to the eye, but these areas where your dog does his business take their toll on your lawn’s health. Find out how to prevent dog urine damage and get your grass green again.

Lawn Damage: Did the Doggie Do It?

Before you blame Spot for the burnt spots in your turf, take a closer look. Lawn burn looks a lot like many other issues that can plague grass, such as disease, drought, or a pest infestation. One way to determine if the dog did it is to watch where he goes. Most dogs frequent the same places. Also, another approach is to grab a handful of damaged grass and tug on it. If it comes up roots and all, you may have grub damage. Burnt grass that stays firmly rooted after a good tug is probably from your pet.

Dog urine has a high content of nitrogen because the canine diet is rich in protein. And concentrated amounts of nitrogen kill grass over time, just like if you over fertilize. Female dogs do more damage because they tend to squat in one spot depositing a concentrated amount of nitrogen, while male dogs lift their legs over a variety of spots.

Dog Urine Damage Prevention

Keeping your dog off the lawn is not always a realistic option. But there are other ways to prevent dog urine damage. The best way to preserve your lawn’s health is to designate one particular spot for your dog to do his business. Choose an area less visible or create a small place with gravel or pavers that can be easily rinsed off.

Forego the fertilizer. Fertilized grass already gets enough nitrogen, so consider feeding your lawn less or avoiding the areas your dog frequents.

Water down the waste. When your dog relieves himself, take the hose and water down the area to dilute the nitrogen.

Get Your Grass Green Again

Has man’s best friend already left his mark? To repair damaged areas of your lawn, remove dead grass, aerate the area using a pitchfork, and spread new grass seed. Water the newly seeded areas regularly for the next few weeks.

If you follow the advice for preventing dog urine damage, your lawn should eventually recover if the damage is in smaller areas. Dead grass and larger areas need a professional’s attention. Call Free Spray Lawn Care today at [phone], and we’ll help you get your grass green again.