Keeping your grass green throughout the scorching summer months is a challenge. A labor intensive task when done manually, watering requires time, consistency, and the proper amounts. A simple sprinkler system makes this task less of a chore. But choosing the best lawn sprinkler for your landscaping needs isn’t always easy. We’ve simplified the process by identifying some common types of sprinklers.

Benefits of Using a Lawn Sprinkler System

Installing the best lawn sprinkler takes away the worry of watering, making it a great investment. Automated sprinklers water efficiently and evenly while taking the pressure off of you to do so manually. If you set your system to water overnight, or at least when the sun isn’t at its strongest, it conserves water. Watering the lawn during the daytime hours when the sun is the strongest means that most of the water is evaporated before it sinks into the soil. You can also adjust these systems to water more or less depending on the amount of rainfall.

Types of Lawn Sprinkler Systems

Lawn sprinklers come in a variety of designs from simple hoses with holes to automated in-ground systems. In order to choose the best lawn sprinkler, you’ll need to know these types and some terminology.

Rotary sprinklersfeature spinning arms with spraying nozzles at the end of each one. Once turned on, water pressure makes the arms rotate sending spray in a large circular area. This type is an economical choice for watering large areas in a consistent manner.

An oscillating sprinkler’s design features an arched metal or plastic tube. The tube is punctured by a series of holes and moves back and forth, spraying a fan of water. Look for one that features at least 15 holes along the tube and that moves rapidly to deter puddling. Metal tubes are more durable than plastic. A large, square-shaped lawn benefits from an oscillating sprinkler.

A pulsating sprinkleris easily installed anywhere in the yard. Its rotating head shoots pulsating streams of water in a circular pattern. Although these are great for irregular-shaped yards or large circular areas, avoid using on gardens with delicate flowers or foliage. The high-pressure spray adjusts to great distances and stays low to the ground so there’s not a lot of evaporation.

Easy-to-use and economical, stationary sprinklerscome in various shapes and sizes to suit your needs. These sprinklers are good for smaller areas and usually water in one preset pattern. Make sure not to leave it in one place for too long or it leaves behind soggy grass and puddles.

Best for longer, large areas, traveling sprinklersmove along the ground from the power of water pressure. They require firm, level ground and sufficient water pressure to keep moving, and water deeply and evenly. Never use these on newly seeded lawns.

We’ll Help You Pick the Best Lawn Sprinkler for the Job

Installing an irrigation system reduces the need to worry about watering your grass properly. But with so many varieties available, picking the best lawn sprinkler system for your yard is a challenge. Let us help you. Contact Free Spray Lawn Care at 866-373-3777 today!