One of the basic steps to building a better lawn is core aeration. This task loosens up compacted soil, helps break up layers of thatch if too thick, and promotes grass growth in the process. In order to maintain a lawn’s health, core aeration should be performed at least once a year. However, unhealthy lawns should be aerated more often. Think of this process of removing plugs of earth as a way to let your lawn breathe. Here’s why it is necessary.

Compacted Soil and Why It’s a Problem

Healthy soil, the foundation of a healthy lawn, is loose enough to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate and reach the root systems of grass. Over time, foot traffic, lawn mowers, snow, ice, rain, and even watering contribute to soil compaction.

Take a screwdriver and poke it into the turf. Does it take a lot of effort to perform this task? If so, the soil is too compacted and blocks the pathways for a root system to receive what it needs to grow. The lack of nutrients leads to thinning grass, bare spots, and an overall unhealthy environment that’s more susceptible to disease, pests, and weeds. Add a layer of thatch (dead grass, fallen leaves, and other debris) to an already ailing lawn and it’s even harder for air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the already dense earth.

How Your Lawn Benefits from Core Aeration

Compacted soil calls for core aeration. This is a process that involves pulling out a series of small plugs (or “cores”) across your yard. How does this create a more supportive environment for grass growth? Aeration breaks up thick layers of thatch that can smother your lawn. It also provides easier access for water and fertilizer to reach roots. Soil stays loose enough to let in necessary oxygen and nutrients and provide roots with enough room to grow.

Let Us Help You Create a Healthier Lawn

Core aeration is a tedious and time-consuming task that requires specialized equipment and know-how. Let the experts handle the hard work for you. To learn more about building a better lawn and the benefits of core aeration, call Free Spray Lawn Care at [phone] today.