Tired of raking, bagging, and disposing of autumn leaves? There’s a way to avoid this tiresome task while giving your grass nourishment. Put away the rake, leave your leaves, and shred that colorful carpet. Follow these easy steps for leaf mulching and make a nutritious meal for your lawn at no cost.

Why Mulch?

There are many benefits to leaf mulching. Autumn leaves left on the lawn create a dense carpet that keeps sunlight, air, and nutrients from penetrating the soil. Raking them up is not only time consuming, but wasteful. Not only does leaf mulching save money on fertilizer, it feeds your turf naturally without the use of chemicals.

Leaf mulching is a quicker, easier task to perform than raking. There’s no twisting to rake, bending to bag, and figuring out where to dispose of the fallen leaves. If you have leftover shredded leaves after feeding your lawn, let them protect your landscaping over the winter. Use the leaf leftovers as mulch in the garden or around plants and trees.

The Basics of Leaf Mulching

While there are special mowers or kits on the market for leaf mulching, almost any lawn mower works. Follow these steps:

First, take the grass-catching bag off of a side-discharging lawn mower and set the mowing height at 2.5 to 3 inches. If you want to use the mulch for other areas, leave the bag on. If the leaves that litter the lawn are clumped in one area, use your rake to more evenly distribute them.

Mow the grass in strips. Shredded leaves should be about a half-inch in diameter, no bigger than your thumbnail, to decompose properly. Take another pass with the mower if you need smaller pieces. Make the second pass at right angles to the first strips.

The job is done when at least a half inch of grass shows through the layer of leaf mulch. If the layer is too thick, pass over the grass again with the mower, this time with the grass-catching bag on to collect some of the mulch.

As the leaf pieces decompose, nutrients soak into the soil. Now your yard is ready for winter. Come springtime, expect a healthier lawn!

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