Tick season has returned in Ohio, which means extra vigilance in protecting your kids and pets from these harmful pests. Fortunately, you can take steps to do that, like maintaining a well-mowed and debris-free lawn. Creating a barrier from wood chips or gravel between your grass and gathering areas, like patios or play areas, can also limit the migration of ticks. However, for the highest level of protection and safety, you'll want to sign up for professional tick control treatments. Professionals have the expertise and products to effectively manage and reduce tick populations, ensuring a safer outdoor experience for your family.

Maintaining a clean and well-mowed lawn can reduce the presence of ticks.

Ticks are notorious for lurking in areas of tall grass, debris, and leaves, as they use these environments to hide and protect themselves from the sun and wind. Because of this, you'll want to maintain a clean and well-mowed lawn. By diligently mowing, you effectively disrupt their preferred habitat and make it less inviting for ticks to establish themselves. After all, keeping the grass at a shorter length invites more sunlight, reducing any moist, dark conditions and thus dissuading these harmful pests from becoming too comfortable on your property.

In addition to regular mowing, it is important to remove leaves, fallen branches, and other debris from your yard. Ticks are adept at finding shelter in these natural materials, and by clearing them away, you eliminate potential hiding spots for ticks. This simple practice can significantly reduce the population on your property and minimize the chances of yourself, your kids, or your pets being bitten.

Common ticks here in Ohio include deer ticks, American dog ticks, and lone-star ticks.

Put a barrier between your lawn and the areas where you and your family gather to limit tick migration.

To further safeguard you, your kids, and your pets from ticks during their most active season in Ohio, it is essential to create a barrier between your lawn and areas where you frequently gather, such as the patio or play areas. This barrier should be at least 3 feet wide and consist of material like gravel or wood chips.

The purpose of this barrier is to limit the migration of ticks into your recreational outdoor spaces. Ticks tend to prefer the moist environment of grass and vegetation, and by creating this dry, less hospitable barrier, you reduce the likelihood of them making their way into areas where you and your family spend time.

Hire a professional to apply tick control treatments and safeguard your property during the tick season.

While maintaining a clean lawn and establishing barriers are effective measures in protecting your family from ticks, hiring a professional tick control company offers an added layer of protection. Professional tick control treatments are the most efficient and effective way to keep ticks out of your lawn.

When you sign up for this service, pros will visit your property several times during the active tick season in Ohio to apply their products. They also use treatments proven effective against these biting pests and have the equipment they need to administer them. That way, you don't have to worry about them latching onto you, your kids, or your pets while spending time outside.

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