Summer isn’t the only season that’s crucial for successful lawn care. Tackling tough invasive plants is all about timing, and fall weed prevention makes maintaining a healthy lawn easier in the long run. This is the season to win the war on weeds and here’s why.

Why Fight Weeds in Fall?

While the weather outside cools down, plants, trees, and grass prepare for the colder season ahead. This is the time when perennial weeds load up on nutrients to survive the winter by transporting food from the leaves down into the root system. Apply weed killer at this time and it goes right to the roots as well, quickly destroying the invasive plant.

Choosing Weapons for Fall Weed Prevention

Properly pick your poison to do battle. There are two types of herbicides, selective and non selective. A selective herbicide targets certain weeds, while a non-selective one simply kills everything it comes in contact with. If targeting a weed within the lawn, choose a selective herbicide to prevent damaging the grass around it.

Another consideration is using pre or post emergent herbicides. Pre emergent products target weeds before they germinate, while under the soil and before they sprout. On the other hand, post emergent products are applied to existing weeds. Effective weed killers often contain a variety of herbicides to tackle more than one type of plant. Carefully read the labels on each product to make sure it targets the weeds you want.

DYI Tips for Fall Weed Prevention

  • Feeding your lawn fertilizer in fall not only strengthens it for winter, but helps it grow healthy in the spring, and lush enough to prevent weeds from invading.
  • One application of herbicide may not do the trick. Often two or three applications are required.
  • After applying a pre emergent product, give it a good watering if there’s no rain in the forecast. This activates the chemical so it creates a barrier in the soil.
  • Most importantly, carefully follow the directions on the label for mixing the formula, timing of application, and safety suggestions.

Let Us Keep Your Lawn Healthy and Weed Free

Fall weed prevention is only one step in keeping your turf in top shape. For a healthy lawn that fights weeds with ease, a year-round maintenance plan is the way to go. Call Free Spray Lawn Care today at 419-529-5296 and we’ll handle the labor-intensive work while you reap the benefits of a beautiful yard.