Your lawn is a living thing, and just like all living things, it needs the proper nutrients to thrive. It gets these nutrients from the ground, so healthy soil is a must. However, even if your soil has plenty of nutrients, it also requires right amount of acidity in order to provide your grass with good nourishment.

What Is Acidity?

Healthy soils start with the proper soil acidity or alkalinity. The right level determines how well the roots are able to absorb nutrients. Soil acidity is measured in pH, ranging from 0 for the most acidic to 14, which is the least acidic. If the pH is too high or too low, plants and grasses won’t be able to process nutrients effectively. Here are some facts about pH:

  • Acidic soils have a pH below 7.0
  • Alkaline soils have a pH above 7.0
  • pH-neutral soil, which is around 7.0, is a good target
  • A pH less than 5.0 is too acidic for healthy lawn growth
  • Most plants and grasses do well in neutral soil with a pH between 6.5 and 7.0
  • There are actually some plants that prefer more acidic soil

Is Ohio Soil Acidic?

A region’s soil pH level is determined by its composition and climate. The rock formations below the earth’s surface slowly erode over time to create the soil where we plant our gardens and grow our lawns. These geological foundations provide clues to a soil’s pH characteristics in a particular region. For instance, limestone tends to create soils that are more alkaline, while sandstone produces more acidic soil. Generally speaking, the western side of the state of Ohio has more limestone, while the eastern half has more sandstone.

But a region’s soil can vary from one small area to the next, so the best way to figure out the pH level is through proper testing. A soil test reveals whether your soil is alkaline, acidic, or neutral, and once you know this, you can fine-tune it to the pH level that works best for what you want to grow. You can get soil-testing kits at many garden centers, but for the most accurate results contact a professional.

In order for your grass to be green on top it needs to get the proper nutrients from below. To find out more on how to keep your soil healthy, contact Free Spray Lawn Care today at 419-529-5296.