When it comes to creatures that make a mess of your lawn, moles and voles are two that always come to mind. But how do you know which pest is putting your nerves to the test? Here’s how to tell the difference between mole damage and vole damage.

Dirt Diggers

Moles and voles are both small mammals that dig up dirt. Their names sound similar, however, the damage they do is different. Also, the way to control each pest differs, so it’s important to recognize which creature performed the dirty work.


Moles rarely make appearances above ground, but when they do, it’s easy to identify them by their traits. Small eyes and barely visible ears accompany a pointed hairless snout. The fuzzy body takes the shape of a large potato. What really distinguishes them from other rodents is wide, flat front feet with long claws that make it easy for them to dig and tunnel through the dirt. On the other hand, voles are smaller in size, resembling fuzzier field mice with shorter tails.

Mole Damage

Easy to spot, mole damage looks like long rows of raised dirt connecting volcano-shaped mounds. The demon diggers make their mess in search of grubs, worms, and insects to eat. As they tunnel underground the soil gets pushed up to create a strange pattern of raised ridges all over the lawn.

Vole Damage

Although voles dig in the dirt to make nests and munch on plant roots, they are less about the mess. The destruction caused by these herbivores with hearty appetites is to plants, bulbs, and young tree bark in your yard. Yes, moles make a mess, but because they eat insects, your plant roots are safe.

Mole Damage Versus Vole Damage

Moles tend to be loners, so when you get rid of one, you usually don’t have to worry about others. Voles, however, are prolific breeders, and quickly populate your yard with more mouths that munch away at plants and flower roots. Consult an expert to curb the mess these pests create. Contact Free Spray Lawn Care today at [phone] and we’ll protect your home from unwanted pests. We’ll also repair any vole or mole damage and restore your lawn to new.