Mowing your grass is just one step in many to maintain a healthy lawn. Each time you cut you are stimulating growth and creating an ideal environment for turf to grow. The art of mowing may seem simple, but grass needs to be cut to the right height in order to thrive. And since there are so many varieties of grass–all which require different mowing heights–it’s not always easy to know how much is enough. Read on to learn the proper mowing height for Kentucky bluegrass.

About Kentucky Bluegrass

The most popular cool-season grass for our climate is Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis), which is found throughout North America. Considered a perennial, this turf provides a dense, medium-to-dark green lawn that is coveted by parks and athletic areas, as well as residential homes. More than 100 varieties exist that differ in color, density, texture, and hardiness. Generally winter hardy, it adapts well to many environments, but prefers slightly moist, well-drained soil and lots of sun.

Why Is Mowing Height Important?

Choosing the correct mowing height is vital because the right height keeps your lawn healthier underneath the ground and on top. Roots grow deeper and stronger, creating a thick carpet above. This thick, healthy grass tolerates heat and drought better, keeps weeds at bay, and, of course, looks beautiful. And it means less maintenance for you!

There are many factors to consider when choosing the proper height. The most important factor is the type of grass that is dominant on your lawn. How often you mow, irrigation, temperature fluctuations, pests, diseases, sun exposure, and weed infestations also play a role. Grass requires more frequent cutting during its growing seasons. For cool-season grass like Kentucky bluegrass, the most growth takes place in the spring and fall.

Proper Mowing Height for Kentucky Bluegrass

The most important thing to remember when mowing any type of grass is not to remove more than one-third of the blade height during a single cutting. In general, cool-season grasses perform best when they are cut higher. The proper mowing height of Kentucky bluegrass usually ranges between 1-1/2 to 3-1/2 inches, depending on the specific variety.

Cutting the grass too short damages the lawn by obstructing the photosynthesis process it needs to survive. It’s best to keep on the higher end of the range when mowing, because taller grass has deeper roots and also shades the soil from the sun’s drying rays. But don’t go too high, because then you risk creating a flourishing environment for insects, small animals, and other pests.

For general guidelines on mowing a particular variety of Kentucky bluegrass or for seasonal modifications, contact Free Spray Lawn Care at [phone] and we’ll help you create a healthy, strong, beautiful lawn.