You love a lush lawn, but it’s hard to keep track of what kind of maintenance it requires and when to perform it. Mowing, watering, and fertilizing are tasks that need to be done on a regular basis. But when is the best time to aerate a lawn in Ohio? Read on to learn the right time of year to accomplish this much-needed task.

The Hole Truth About Aeration

Aerating is a process that allows your lawn to breathe. It’s conducted by poking a series of holes in the soil where the grass grows. These holes allow proper nutrients, moisture, light, and air penetrate the soil better and reach the root system. Ultimately, it makes your lawn healthier.

Often referred to as “core” aeration, the technique uses special tined equipment to create a pattern of holes in the soil. Hollow tines are better than solid because they remove a plug of soil. The holes left behind create an ideal environment in which the root system of the grass can expand. After aeration, the small plugs of soil eventually blend back into the lawn.

Reasons to Aerate

Time, lawn mowers, and foot traffic all contribute to soil compaction. Aeration breaks up the compacted soil and also removes thatch. Thatch is a layer of decaying debris and old grass that covers the soil. When it becomes too thick, it prevents nutrients and water from passing through the soil and reaching the roots. Underground, the root system becomes stronger and grows into the holes left behind from aeration. You’ll see the benefits above ground–thicker, lusher, healthier grass that will be admired by the neighborhood. Now that your lawn can breathe a little better,  you’ll notice it needs less maintenance. Plus, previous issues, like pooling water or runoff, are resolved.

The Best Time to Aerate a Lawn in Ohio

Popular to contrary belief, you should not aerate your lawn during the summer months. Disturbing the soil during the warmer weather encourages weed growth and the potential for disease. Also, many people chemically treat their lawns in the summertime to prevent weeds and disease. Aerating at this point weakens the chemical barriers. Fall is the time to perform overseeding, reseeding, and fertilizing tasks that coincide nicely with an aerated lawn. And the cooler temperatures encourage the grass to develop better root systems instead of focusing on blade growth.

Aeration also helps your lawn heal from the stresses of summer. Frequent foot traffic, excessive heat, and dry conditions take a toll on your turf’s well being. At the same time, aeration prepares the ground for the upcoming bitter temperatures of winter, which are notorious in Ohio for being hard on a lawn’s health. Therefore, the best time to aerate a lawn in Ohio is early fall.

Hiring a professional to aerate your lawn saves you time and labor. And if you need to rent the proper equipment, it may even save you money. At Free Spray Lawn Care, we take the guess work out of aerating your lawn and other maintenance chores. Call us today at [phone] and let us get your yard in top shape for the months ahead.