Just like any living thing, your lawn needs nourishment to survive, and it can’t always get all the nutrients it needs from the environment. Fertilizing gives your grass an extra boost for good growth and health, creating a lush, green foundation for your home. When it comes to lawn maintenance, many people are accustomed to watering and mowing the turf, but not everyone knows the benefits of lawn fertilization.

Fertilizing 101

Most fertilizers are made up of three nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These elements are represented by weight percentages listed on the package. A fertilizer bag that has the numbers 15-15-15 on it reflects that it has equal parts of each element. In different ways, each nutrient contributes to the turf’s health. Nitrogen encourages growth and gives grass its green coloring. Phosphorus is important for developing a healthy root system. And potassium provides strength so that a lawn can be resistant to drought, pests, and disease.

Fertilizers come in liquid and granular forms. Diluted with water, the liquid application is fast-acting and inexpensive. However, it can do more damage to your lawn if used incorrectly. Granular fertilizers, applied with a rotary spreader, are popular among homeowners because the time-released formula is more forgiving. Although this type of fertilizer takes longer to provide positive results, it allows for a bigger margin of error if used incorrectly and doesn’t require as many applications.

Lawn Fertilization Benefits

  • Safeguard your investment. You spend time and money making your yard look good, and having a lackluster lawn won’t reflect the effort you put into it. Think of lawn fertilization as a way to protect your investment. The grass gets the extra nutrients it needs to be strong, healthy, and able to fight off diseases and pests.
  • Improve soil conditions. The soil below the grass provides it with a nutritious foundation for growing. However, soil does not always have a natural balance of the nutrients needed. Sometimes Mother Nature is not enough. Get a soil test kit from your local garden center to determine what nutrients are lacking, then you’ll know better what type of fertilizer best fits your needs.
  • Curb appeal. Your lawn is a valuable asset. When it’s thick, green, and weed-free, it not only is the envy of the neighborhood, but it contributes to your property’s value. A well-fed lawn is like a beautiful welcome mat, and it’s something you can enjoy whether or not you are putting your home up for sale.
  • Ward off weeds. Healthy grass is your best defense against weeds. The thicker the lawn, the less likely weeds will find a place to take root and spread.
  • Reduce muddy messes. Is your lawn an obstacle course of puddles after it rains? Another way that your lawn benefits from regular fertilizing is that it strengthens the root system of the grass, allowing it to better absorb water.

Need More Info on Lawn Fertilization?

So, if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, chances are your neighbor knows about the benefits of lawn fertilization. Contact Free Spray Lawn Care at [phone] today and our experts will help your lawn get the nourishment it needs.