You give your pet free rein of the yard for bathroom breaks, yet Rover prefers to pee in the same area over and over. This behavior often results in brown or dead patches of grass. Eventually, these damaged spots harm the health of the whole lawn. Is your canine causing your home’s curb appeal to take a dive? Try these helpful hints to do away with dog pee damage on your lawn.

Why Is the Grass Dying?

Canine urine kills grass because it is rich in nitrogen. Even though nitrogen is an important and beneficial ingredient in fertilizer, which we use to green up the grass, too much of it does more harm than good. And dog urine contains a concentrated amount of nitrogen, so basically, it’s an overdose of nutrients that kills the grass.

Tips to Stop Dog Pee Damage

Teach your pup a new trick. Designate one area for your dog to do his business and train him to use only that spot. It can be a patch of gravel, mulch, or even a square of artificial grass that’s easy to hose off. Consider hardscaping with bricks or pavers in a small area. Or just pick a place in the lawn that’s less visible.

Let water wash away your woes. When you let your pet out, hose down the area where he urinated after he finishes. This dilutes the nitrogen, and the urine is less likely to burn the grass. However, this method means that you watch your pup to see where he pees, which is not always possible. Hydrating your pup also helps the lawn. The more he drinks, the less concentrated the urine. Make sure your pet’s water dish is always full.

Fix it with less fertilizer. When fertilizing, choose a formula with less nitrogen in it since the grass already gets enough of that nutrient. Better yet, avoid dog pee damage areas when fertilizing altogether.

Take a walk. Instead of letting the dog out in the yard to relieve himself, take him on a walk. The exercise is good for both of you, plus it gives the grass time to heal.

Plant urine-resistant grass. If you need to seed your lawn choose either ryegrass or fescue. These grass types stay hardier under dog urine duress, more so than Kentucky bluegrass or Bermuda.

Change the diet. Certain dietary supplements fed to dogs help neutralize the nitrogen in urine. Ask your vet before you give your pet any supplements to make sure it won’t be harmful to his health.

Is It Really Dog Pee Damage?

Every summer homeowners work hard to keep grass green. Dead spots in the grass might mean a myriad of things. For instance, lawns suffering from pest or weed invasions, drought, or a variety of fungal diseases often look like they suffer from dog pee damage. Make sure you know the cause of the problem before you treat it. If you have any questions, call Free Spray Lawn Care today at [phone].