Meet the mole. Small, blind, and rarely visible above ground, these dirt-digging mammals create unsightly mounds, holes, and furrows in lawns and gardens. Basically, they destroy all the hard work you put into maintaining your yard. Underneath the turf, their tunneling takes its toll on grass and plants by damaging the root systems. Find out how to stop moles by using natural repellents.

About Moles and the Damage They Do

Grayish brown to black in color, moles have pointed slender snouts, small eyes and ears, and wide flat feet with big front claws that are perfect for digging in the dirt. They are just about a half foot in length, but some species grow up to a foot long.

Moles make tunnels to find food for their hearty appetites. They feast on grubs, worms, and other insects that live in the soil. What does mole damage look like? The tunnels and runways underground are detected above by mounds of dislodged soil, series of raised furrows, or holes where they enter and leave. To find an active tunnel, poke holes from above with a tool or probe. If these holes are repaired in a day or two, the tunnel below is active. It’s a good place to put natural repellents, as discussed in the next paragraph.

Stop Moles by Using Natural Repellents

Household items. You probably have many naturally repelling products in your home. Tobacco, coffee grounds, and cayenne pepper sprinkled near mounds or holes stop moles in their tracks. Reapply these substances after it rains. Castor oil works as well. Simply mix it with dish detergent in a gallon of water and apply near tunnels and holes. These dirt digging mammals dislike the smell and taste of these items and will find a new area to call home.

Naturally repellent plants. Ban these pests once and for all by beautifying your yard. Certain plants naturally deter moles. Plant a row of daffodils, marigolds, or alliums and make moles go elsewhere to dig.

Get Rid of Their Food Source

Moles won’t hang around a yard that has no food for them. By maintaining a pest-free yard, in addition to using natural deterrents, you create an unfriendly environment for these creatures. Poison, traps, and chemical baits can be used to get rid of the demon diggers, but these can be harmful to people, pets, and the environment if not used carefully.

If these natural methods are not enough, call in an expert. Contact Free Spray Lawn Care today at [phone] and we’ll help you stop moles from taking over your turf.