Seasonal temperatures play an important role in helping to strengthen your lawn and garden. The spring and fall months are a perfect time to prepare your grass and plants for the harsh weather ahead. One of the ways to help ensure your yard looks its best in the spring is to fertilize your lawn before the first frost, while grass root systems are storing up reserves for winter. If you fertilize the lawn now, your grass gets the nutrients it needs before the ground freezes.

Fertilizing Lawns in Fall

The area in which you live and the type of grass growing in your yard determines the best time to fertilize your lawn. There are two main types of grass:

Cool-season grasses. They love the cooler weather, and so they peak in the early fall. It’s the best time of year for fescue, bluegrass, and rye. Fertilize this grass in late August or early September, about six weeks before the first frost. When it starts to get even colder, around October or November, apply winterizing fertilizers. This type of fertilizer is usually higher in potassium which increases hardiness to help grass survive the winter.

Warm-season grasses. They thrive in the warmer weather, so the fall is when Bermuda, zoysia, and centipede grass start to go dormant and turn brown after the first freeze. These grasses don’t need to be fed in fall, unless you live in an area that doesn’t get frost. You don’t want to stimulate any growth while they’re going dormant. Instead, wait until the spring to bring them back to life.

Tips to Fertilize Your Lawn

Whenever you’re fertilizing any lawn, it’s best to do so on a cool day and to water the fertilizer into the ground so it reaches the roots. Don’t overdo it. Too much fertilizer can burn your lawn. This especially holds true for newly seeded areas, so be sure to avoid those spots or cover them. A slow-release fertilizer formula provides optimal results over time. Always follow the instructions on the package to ensure you’re applying the right amount at the right time.

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