Crisp cool air, beautiful foliage, and an end to summer’s tedious lawn-care routine. These are just some of the reasons why we love autumn. But don’t put your tools away just yet. There’s still work to do if you want your lawn to be healthy, happy, and green come springtime. Follow these fall lawn care tips so your grass better weathers the winter ahead.

Fall Lawn Care and Maintenance Musts

Summer’s over, but that’s no reason to stop mowing. Grass keeps growing in the fall. Cut grass shorter when you mow for the last time. Long grass gets matted down by the weight of snow, creating a good environment for snow mold, a fungal disease. Also, shorter grass discourages pests from overwintering in your lawn. How low should you go? Go an inch lower than usual, but never remove more than one-third of the blade height at a time.

Fall is the time to feed your lawn. Fertilization gives grass the nutrients it needs to recover from the summer months while preparing it to stay strong through the harsh winter. Before you fertilize, it’s a good idea to aerate, a process of creating holes throughout the lawn. This relieves compact soil conditions that occur during the high-traffic summer months. It also reduces the thatch layer that blocks nutrients, air, and sunlight from reaching the soil. Now that you’ve aerated the lawn, it’s a good time to reseed those thinning areas and bare spots.

Tidy Up to Take Good Care of Your Lawn

Get out the rake. A layer of leaves on the grass blocks nutrients, water, and light from reaching the ground. When combined with moisture, this layer also smothers grass and creates good conditions for fungal diseases to thrive. While you’re out there, put away lawn furniture and the kiddie pool. Left on the lawn throughout the winter, these things create dead spots in the grass.

Take good care of your yard tools by cleaning them and storing them properly to prevent rust. Now’s the time to winterize your lawn mower. Hose it off and empty the gas tank. Check the blades for damage and sharpen them if necessary.

Since we’re talking about tidying up, fall is the time to prevent weeds from taking over in the warmer months. Apply a pre-emergent weed killer as part of your fall lawn care. Better yet, use a product that combines weed killing chemicals with fertilizer, called weed and feeds. Call in a lawn-care expert to apply pest control and keep the critters away this winter.

Let Us Help

These fall lawn care tips may seem like a lot of work, but these tasks make a big difference come spring. You’ll be pleased when the warmer weather rolls around and your lawn is lush and green. If sticking to a fall lawn care regimen is too time consuming, we can help. Call Free Spray Lawn Care today at [phone].