Grass Grievances: Dealing with Lawn Grub Damage

Grass Grievances: Dealing with Lawn Grub Damage

Are grubs giving you grief? Small, plump worm-like pests, white lawn grubs are really beetles in the larval stage. They feed ferociously on your lawn’s roots, ruining the lush grass you’ve labored over. Grubs get away with this destructive behavior because they are out of sight. They hide beneath the grass for easy access to the roots that they eat, and eventually destroy. Want to get rid of grubs? Understanding your enemy is half the battle. Here’s what you need to know about grub damage.

What Does a Lawn Grub Look Like?

Small in size but big on destruction, grubs have soft squishy bodies usually creamy white or grayish white in color. Three pairs of little legs are close to its head. Expect the creature to curl into a C shape when exposed underneath the turf.

What Does Grub Damage Look Like?

Grub damage is often confused with other pest problems or drought issues. The first signs of damage appear as thinning patches of grass that turn yellow and eventually brown. Next, you’ll notice a lot more wildlife in your yard. That’s because many animals find these devilish creatures quite delectable.

Another symptom of grub damage is that your turf takes on a spongy feel underfoot. Go ahead and grab a handful of damaged grass. Does it peel back like a loose rug? Look underneath. If you see many little plump pests curled up under the peeled back portion of turf, you have an infestation.

What to Do About Grub Damage

Now that you know it’s definitely grub damage, controlling it is easier. Head to the local home improvement store and grab some grub insecticide. Or go the more natural root and enlist beneficial nematodes to do the dirty work. These tiny parasites attack many kinds of problematic pests. Milky spore powder is another option. This safe fungus is sprinkled on the lawn to kill grubs and keep them from coming back.

Here’s a way to get rid of these pests using simple ingredients you have at home. Mix detergent and water together and pour it on the infested sites. This makes the grubs float to the surface. Either grab the grubs and get rid of them, or let them remain and wildlife will gladly devour the destructive creatures.

Fortunately, a few grubs here and there do little damage. But control the population before it’s too late. Contact Free Spray Lawn Care at [phone] and we’ll get rid of grubs while taking good care of your turf.